Women Lead the Way

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Using the SMS for Justice reporting system, trained paralegals documented gaps in implementation of critical government schemes and services. This report, "Women Lead the Way also documents and analyzes the effectiveness of existing grievance redress mechanisms and the experiences of community members in using them. 

The Alluvial Diagram below shows analysis of existing grievance redress mechanisms. The majority of reports could not be addressed through existing grievance mechanisms (78 reports against 148 total). Most importantly, most of the issues related to healthcare and maternal health could not be addressed through the available complaint mechanisms, as they do not provide a viable channel for women to improve access to essential health services. This is a major gap that needs urgent attention.

Data Visualization

SMS for Justice Data Viz_Cases and Responses-02.png

In addition, among the complaints filed, about 34% had to be submitted by Nazdeek staff on behalf of community members, since the PGMS platform requires internet access and knowledge of written English. In other words, community members and even trained paralegals face serious barriers in trying to resolve issues faced in accessing basic healthcare, water, food and sanitation.

Read the whole report to learn more about the issue and the human rights work Nazdeek and ICAAD are doing.