Women Demand Access to Vital Service in Delhi

Data Visualization & Graphic Designer  /  Nazdeek + ICAAD

Nazdeek and the International Centre for Advocates Against Discrimination (ICAAD) released “SMS for Justice: Women Demand Access to Vital Services in Delhi” — a report based on a unique project that enables women living in Delhi’s slums and resettlement colonies to become leaders in their communities by identifying, monitoring, and reporting rights violations.

The report is a culmination of data and findings from the SMS for Justice Project implemented across two Delhi communities from 18 December, 2016 through 15 March, 2017, and highlights key issues faced by women in poor income areas, specifically in one resettlement colony, Rajiv Ratan Awas Yojana (RRAY), Baprola, and one Jhuggi Jhopri Cluster, Bhim Nagar, Nangloi.

I collaborated with Leah Cabrera Fischer on the visual design of this report, but took lead on creating the data visualizations featured throughout.

Data Visualizations

Mothers in Delhi.png
Freq Reported Cases_Bhim Nagar.png
SMS for Justice_Infographics[Conflict]-07.png
SMS for Justice_Infographics[Conflict]-11.png

Read the whole report to learn more about the issue and the human rights work Nazdeek and ICAAD are doing.